Iman calling for platelet donation, A+ blood type

Iman's kemo (Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Protocol) starts today (24/02/2011) @ 11.30 am, so far iman sleeps most of the time, and by the time he wakes up he refuse to eat or drink..  he started complaining of headache.. kesian sgt dkt dia

This protocol the doctor said just like dropping bomb at iman's body cos iman will receive mutiple kemo medicine at the same time for 3 consecutive days and his immune system will eventually become zero,, then the stem cell harvested earlier (in Dec) will be used as rescuer.. the stem cell will stimulate the development of cell in iman's body. Unlike normal kemo which normally will be given in stages and normally takes around 1-2 years to complete, this protocol only takes around 4 mths i.e. 4 cycles and chances of cancer coming back is lower @ 20%..

However the side effect is much higher cos the chemo dose given is higher,, tho the cell will rebuild via stem cell, it will take some times.. it is expected that iman will receive several platelet donation during 2nd and 3rd week of each cycle.

Doctor already requested us to find at least 6 donors, so far we manage to find 3 including my hubby,, really hope if someone out there with A+ blood type (pref male - cos male blood vein is larger than female), age 18-55, non smoker and live in KL area to do screening @ SDMC,, do contact me @ to arrange for the screening test..

We need to have the list of donors ready by end of the week so that as and when iman's platelet drops to a risky level, the blood bank will call the donor to donate the platelet.. unlike normal blood, platelet only can last 5 days..

Pls pls come to SJMC by end of the week cos iman will require the platelet around end of next weeks

Do pray for iman kay, gtg now


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