Seharian berhadapan dgn amukan iman

i dont now what or why , but today iman really had a bad mood,, non stop.. tried to console him, but it doesnt worked,, he refuse to drink, dont want to take his meds, dont want to eat..

for today we have all kind of foods,, today i bought him his fav food nasi lemak and mee hoon,, his menu for b/fast was porridge, lunch mee goreng, corn soup and muffin.. dinner my hubby bought some cakes and scones.. all just to make him eat.. but end up we have to eat them all..

taking his meds are the worse part,, he yelled, he screamed.. if only we knew what made him so grumpy.. i threaten if he didnt take his med i'll be going home, so he had to stay with the nurse,, he then take all the medicine but eventually he throw lots of thing, from pillow, his psp, spill some water on the bed, erm.. pls give us patience ya Allah

The chemo has made iman's skin a bit darker, more obvious his fingers..

hope he has better mood tomorrow..


Sara berkata...

Kesiannya kat Iman ..Fizah. Agaknya cycle 2 ni teruk sgt sakit dia.. Doct tak dpt bg ubat penenang ke Fizah?

Mother of 3 Imans berkata...

ubat penenang x penah tanya plak sara,, tapi ubat tido mmg ada try bg kat dia,, cuma kata doktor x elok sgt,,,

esoknya dia dah okay balik, susah je lar ckit bile time nak bg makan.. dia dah ok dgn ubat,, hehe,, hope for the best je lar

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