"Sayonara" My Working Life

Never occur to my mind, I’m going to let go of my career. After 10 years of working; my job has become part of my important daily routine. I mean half of the day is spend in the office, doing you work, mingled with co-workers etc. The other half is basically spend with your family and for resting (tidor x hengat). 

But when Iman (my 5 yr old son) was diagnosed of having brain cancer, I knew I have to give up my job, he requires my attention more than my job requires me. I’ve trained myself off the work routine when I’m in the hospital taking care of Iman (1 month) and another month at home. Yes 2 months unpaid. Comparatively I would say being a full time housewife is challenging and tough compared to my working life.  I know this would not be permanent; becoz staying in KL with escalating cost of living, we definitely can’t afford it.

I started my career as an account officer with a semi gov. agencies providing funds for investment and what I remember I have jumped almost 5 jobs; all in banking / credit sector.  Through these years, I learnt different working method, different work cultures and importantly I gain lots of friends along the way. I really enjoy my work especially the current one.

Despite that, my husband and I have decided that I should take unpaid leave or in worse case simply resign since iman need to undergo radioterapi and kemo after the operation. We had few calculation how we are going to survive during my unpaid period. We need to really cut our expenditure!

Luckily when iman is still in the hospital, one of my colleagues informed me that my bank is offering MSS (mutual separation scheme), the offer only valid for 2 weeks, So I must make the decision quick. This is a very tough and risky choice. But I seek Allah guidance by performing solat istikharah,, deep in my heart I’m already certain I have to let go of my job.

The MSS is basically blessing from Allah to us. Allah loves us so much that He eases our mind on the financial part.. though the money would can only survive us for 6-7 months tops, at least it is something than having none at all if i take unpaid / resign.

Back to departing from my current job, i'm gonna miss the working environment.. though i sometimes complained to my husband how uneasy to deal with people, my co-workers and such but i would say dealing with my job is way much easier compared to dealing with the task as a mother, a wife.. especially in managing sick child. There are many unexpected thing, everyday is different, everyday is a challenge. But i must think positive, this challenge will make me stronger and make me value the important aspect of my life i.e. my family. And importantly the new journey has been written to me by Allah, my creator and only He knows what best for me and He will be with me all the way..


June Shukor berkata...

fiza, kita sentiasa mendoakan yang terbaik untuk Iman, for yourself & for myself too. Setiap yang direncanakan oleh-Nya, ada sebab. Insya Allah, I believe that u r strong enough untuk melalui semua ni

--k e c h i k-- berkata...

Insya'Allah rezeki kita boleh cari.. Saya pon berhenti kerja sebab ayah ada kecederaan otak time accdient dan perlu penjagaan rapi... time tu sy baru jek kerja dalam sebulan selepas tamat kontrak dgn govrmnt....ader gak try cri2 kerja mase nie...tp..hati xtegar lg nk tinggalkn uma.. dpt offer pon rse mcm xberbaloi jek ..biarlah org kater..rugi xkerja ...(dh lebih 5 bulan sy menggangur) asalkan sy dkt ngn fmly..

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