Iman x boleh discaj lagi

Yes his immune is back to normal,, today his total white at 7.2, platelet has become independent (2 days straight w/out platelet infusion,, ),, yahhoo.his body is producing his own platelet!!!

During one of platelet infusion, shivering is normal during the process, so he is covering his body with his 'selimut bucuk'

but sadly he just unfit to go home just yet.. erm his CMV PCR came back positive, just like last time,, Most Malaysian have this virus, this virus can attact iman while he has low immune system..

b4 the 2nd cycle kicked off, iman was on Foscanet (the antiviral), they did the CMV PCR test few times and they came back negative, but the latest test came back positive,,, sigh... It must be treated or else it may effect him later on,,

So tomorrow they will start Foscanet on Iman, 3 times a day, maybe for 2-3 days.. Iman already complaining  about wanting to go home, he bored playing snake and ladder, scrabble, plastacine...
he miss his brothers, miss his bicycle, miss his toys,,

playing online games - sesame street

eeewww, i grows moustache!

i myself : miss being home with the whole family,, like we used to,,
and I have big task waiting for me.. to train my new maid.. this is my 4th from kemboja,, hope this will be the last.. pls pray for us,, hope for the best insyaallah


amiey lee berkata...

take care and hope suma bertambah baik

rafiqaheliza berkata...

Hey Khafizah...

I've been a silent reader of your blog. Be strong, coz I know you are. And take care of your health as you need to take care of your loved ones.

Hope you find a reliable maid. Saya pun tgh cari gak..U r always welcome to visit my blog..

Mother of 3 Imans berkata...

amiey lee : pls continue ur pray for iman,, iman needs as much as doa as possible..

Rafiqa : tq for reading my blog,, it just so hard but at least i can release my feeling abit after each post.. Nanti i terjah ur blog plak.. Hehe
Betul fiqa, susah btl nak cari good maid nowadays,, of cos we want the best for our kids rite.. Hope u'll find good one soon.. continue ur pray 4 iman yea

rafiqaheliza berkata...

Khafizah, by the way, u r invited to enter this Mother's Day contest..just visit my other blog for details.

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