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Last 2 week iman undergo some hearing aid test at SJMC. Yes iman need to use hearing aid cos his hearing deteriorated; side effect of the chemo treatment. This time we have to pay on our own cos the hearing aid cost is not covered by my husband’s medical benefit. We’ll find other means for this definitely..
Ok back to this topic. The audiologist suggested us to check with iman’s school whether they accept child with this kind of disability. After explaining of iman’s condition the school staff passed the telephone to the headmistress. To my shocking, she tell me to find better school means with lesser pupils per class, her concern is that that the teacher assigned to the class won’t be able to focus on Iman. I said iman won’t need extra attention because he is just like normal kids. He can have normal conversation, it just that he is using hearing aid to assist him to listen to certain pronunciation.
Well, after so much argument, she said I know my son better.. so it is up to me to pick the best school for my son. I u/stand the school must have certain standard to attain. Some kind of KPI to make sure they achieve certain passing rate etc. Apart of achieving the KPI, i wonder how about teacher's responsibility to educate the children. No matter how hard it will be. What makes me so sad is that she kinda reluctant to accept him without seeing him first. He is really bright boy and very gifted too.
We cant send him to special school cos he can speak like normal people do and if he learn special language, the audiologist said iman will eventually loose his capability to speak. Please understand his condition. This is not something he wanted.
As preparation iman is learning twice a week; home tuition. Next week he'll start his agama class. Iman will shine, as what his tuition teacher said, he's very determine to learn and very obidient.. I know he'll prove to others he can do it.

Uncle dan auntie semua doakan iman ye


Cik Khurai Nasir berkata...

Sedihnya baca! Geram pun ada jika jumpa guru besar mcm tu... tiba-tiba saya teringat satu buku yang saya baca dulu "Totto Chan Gadis Kecil Di Jendela." Itu buku translation dari bahasa jepun. Cerita tentang Totto Chan yang dilabel nakal dan diminta cari sekolah lain. Luluh hati ibunya sbb anaknya bukan nakal cuma punya daya imaginasi yang tinggi dan penuh semangat ingin tahu. Hope you will find a better school for your Iman (anak sulung saya pun Iman juga.)

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