buzzy dizzy weeks

been very busy for the past couple of weeks, arhghhh... luckily they all sleeps early tonite (including my hubby ;-) so i can godek my blog.. hehe

Iman continue to loose his appetite,, so i'm making sure he needs to be feed up almost every hour so most of the time i'm in the kitchen cooking what he likes to eat, his food need to be healthily cook of which include freshly cook food,, there are few food guideline for patient under treatment as advised by Iman's dietician (talk about this later)..

From western to local,, hehe.. i'm still learning to cook,, thanks to my dear fren hazie who consistently suggesting me cooking blogs and recipes..

baked potato with creamy mushroom sos

vanila muffin w creamy vanila..
nasi lemak, ayam madu,, pancake, muffin, all kind of food that he loves, as long as he wants to eat it, i try to cook for him.. though tiring at least i'm satisfied when people say iman has gain weight.. really? I’m not really sure cos i'm seeing him every day / hour.. anyway he look healthy,, sorry dont have his latest close up picture,,

 at Tasik Perdana 14/02/2011

secondly my youngest baby is having fever (as high as 40 dgree last nite),, he's still on antibiotic, he refuses to bottle fed.. most of the time asyik bergantung aje..  Hope fahmi will recover soon and most importantly x jangkit kat abang2 dia yg lain

Demam baru dapat kaki agaknya kan

3rdly been busy with adik and fahmi join birthday celeb (since their birthday falls in Feb)..  it's basicly a small party we celebrated at my hometown (banting).. initially i bake a small cake for them.. tapi x jadi plak kek tuh,, hangus.. sedih sgt.. end up we all beli je kat kedai.. sorry lar adik ye,, ibu kena enhance my baking skill nih..
carot cheese cake for adik (faris) & Fahmi

Anyway, happy birthday adik and fahmi – jadi anak2 yg soleh ye dan jgn notti2 ka

We've been to Melaka also, initially we aiming penang but we afraid iman will not be strong enough to go for the long journey,, this holiday actually to boost up iman's spirit so that he will be a lot more stronger for the 2nd treatment i.e. the chemo.. 

Macam mana pun Iman really happy spending time at Melaka (we stayed at Avillion Legacy Hotel), riding the duck tours, visit croc farm, viewing melaka city via revolving tower etc, w/out my maid its really hectic but what far more important my kids enjoy the holiday

Lastly busy training my new maid from kemboja but sadly she only with us for 3 days,, she could not handle kids and my 2nd son (adik) inform me that the maid try to hit him (that was after we send her back), mother instict normally correct kan..

When i saw her the 1st time, i knew she could not manage my kid, her appearance with dye hair and nail polish,,, but that's still acceptable to me but the no-caring attitude is way to much,, so after 3 days we decided to send her back,,

For me managing the house chores are bonus is ur maid can handle it,, cos me alone wont be able to handle kids and house at the same time.. but what important to me is the maid can take care of the kids with love of course..

Well taking maid is major risk u have to take, but i am so lucky my bibik now (who has been with us for 6 years)  is so caring and loving and patience.. unfortunately she's leaving (for good this time) but we still persuade her to come back after she settle her matter at Indonesia.. really praying hard for this to happen

I'm gonna end my celoteh now, I'm praying weeks to come are smoother and easier to the whole family.. Amin


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