The chemo side effect is showing

In SJMC, iman is 3rd patient undergoing this protocol..  the other 2 had succeeded,, hopefully the same goes to iman.. insyaallah..

1st day of the kemo is the worse, iman's face turns redish,, he feel dizzy, he vomits and worse he dont have any appetite,, not even for a plain water, luckily the drip is on,,  2nd and 3rd day not so bad, but i notice iman complained of headache and he sleeps all the time..

Iman started having fever on and off during the 1st day of chemo, highest at 39 dgree..the fever subsided after taking PCM... According to doctor it is normal for patient to get fever due to chemo drug.. it happen to the other 2 patients..

due to the fever doctor requetsed for blood culture, the blood culture is used to detremine type of bacteria / virus in the blood as to allow appropriate antibiotic is determine to treat the fever,, after 3 dys the test shows no growth in the blood,,, syukur Alhamdulillah..  but the doctor dont want to take any chance so there goes antibiotic.. luckily it all goes via line in his chest, at least he wont feel so much pain.

We have to wake him up at least every 2 hrs to make him pass urine, iman refused to put the diaper on cos it make him uncomforatble and automatically he cant pass urine,, he must sheshe as frequent as possible cos he must let go any chemical inside his body or else it will have side effect on him

He looks really tired, he cant even hold his fav game,, he asked me to massage his body esp his hands, legs and head.. my tears running as i hold his hand, he's too skinny,, i tried to hold the tears it but it just unstopable.. hope he didnt see it cos i want him to be strong.. we also limit ourself from kissing him cos afraid of any backteria transfer,, but how not to kiss ur son.. ur sick son.. it's just so hard.. ya allah give strength to me and my hubby..

Today is the 4th day he didnt take any food or liquid,, we tried to force him,, we show some pictures of his fav food but it seems he just dont have any feelings on food rite now,, but if this continues, doctors will prescribe some nutrient to be inserted to his cateter,i think better that way rite..

as for the donor, now we have 3 A+ and 3 0+,, we need another 3A+ cos the doctor prefer the same blood type and reserve the 0 donor for emergency only, so i'm really pleading for male donor with A+ blood to come fwd to help my son

i just cant take any picture of iman now,, i will upload picture of him after he recover,, do continue praying for iman okay... gtg


MamaYatie berkata...

Assalamualaikum..fiza, sedey sangat baca tentang at today masih buat kemo la yer? Saya ada email fiza..nnt tngk yer

Mother of 3 Imans berkata...

Yati, kemo dah habis, tggl side effect dia je yg nampak.. nih tgh masuk 1 beg darah sbb iman kurang darah hari nih.. doakan dia sembuh ye

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