1 mth break

After almost a week warded now we're back at home.. Alhamdulillah.. but he still need to go to chemo day care for several chemo meds and his foscarnet (anti viral) on wed and friday,, sharing the same space with other chemo patients make me feels i'm not alone,, as long as we follow the protocol given insyaallah everything will be fine,, we're accepting this as a test given to all human being.. to test how we react, how strong we are and may allah give our strength and smooth the whole process. May Allah cure his cancer as victory of this test,, Amin..

Iman had severe hearing loss after the 2nd cycle, he couldnt hear our voice if there are multiple conversations at the same time.. or if the TV is too loud,, i'm still learning of accepting this fact,, but as long as he's with me i'm fully grateful, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah...

Doctor is still working out whether they want to proceed with 1 of chemo med on Iman for the nxt cycle
Doa seorang ibu tiada hijabnya, as a mother i will always pray that he will get back his hearing and hope everything will be on his side,, Amin.. To All Readers i really need your doa for my son MUHAMMAD IMAN FARIHIN bin TAKRIMI,,

Iman really happy at home, better mood and definitely better appetite,, really happy seeing him laughing and playing with his brothers..

Alhamdulillah we have this 1 mth break cos I'm very xcited to attend my sister's big day this very soon,, really sorry cos i was unable to help her in various aspect but my prayer always be with her..


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