bulan yg penuh keberkatan

sori dah lama sangat x update my latest status on my blog.. tersangat lar busy and if i'm free the boys pun nak jugak catch up with new online games.. they got the priority card.. ermm

though iman cuti (from transplant protocol), he still need to get several chemo med from the hospital, not warded but in the day care itself (special for cancer patient)..few times pergi hospital tapi x boleh proceed dgn kemo sbb his imun too low,, so kena cucuk dgn imun booster (Niprogen) - 3 days in a row,, and as always he was on his tantrum.. when i asked why he was so angry.. sakit,, kalau x iman x mengamuk,,

we dont have any option, nak kasi iman baik,, semua ni nak bagi iman baik,, i hold him tight as he cried so loud,, i want him to u/stand that we love him so much.. that all medication,, all supplemnets just to make him better,, i couldnt do anything except waiting for him to cool down,, he did,, eventually..

But he had a blast weekend when we attended my sister's wedding (Adah),, dapat main dgn sepupu sepapat semua,, jumpa sepupu dia yg paling rapat (danish), dia x dpt main sgt sbb dia x larat,, tapi his cousin can u/stand his condition.. they all surrounded him and started chatting about games and then playing cards.. he looks really happy,, suka sgt tgk dia happy walaupun muka nampak penat..  

My sister's wedding memang comel with pinky theme.. thanks to my multi talented sister (k yang), who decorated her bedroom in sweet pink,, everybody loves it.. i'm so in love with pink now.. hihi.. kakak dia pulak sudah terlebih2.. by the way, my sister adah had during her holiday took care of iman (when iman still a baby b4 arrival of my maid),, iman still close to her, telling her about his day.. erm definitely a special connection, hard to xplain in words, iman mesti ingat jasa bik Adah yang jaga iman dulu ye..

Congratulation to the sweet couple and may allah blessed your life always,, Amin,, marriage is a beautiful journey if we put iman as our driver,, telling me this fact over and over,, and over.. again..

My sister, iman, adik and me (and spongebob...)

dah selamat nikah, iman kepenatan kat sebelah pengantin,,
my other 2 sisters (are-na and ema)


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