Maid o maid

Dah kali ke-5 kami bertukar maid, 4 dari ke kemboja dan yg baru nih from indonesia. Semua x serasi dgn kami and anak2, yg last nih because dia ada masalah kesihatan.. but we only knew it until the very last day of sending my old maid back to indonesia.

Kami terpaksa menghantar budak2 ke kampung (di jaga oleh ksal - my eldest sister), luckily my mum and my other sister also live nearby, at least faris dan fahmi x rasa sangat ditinggalkan selama 3 minggu tanpa ibu dan ayah. We set our priority, iman is our priority. kadang ada jugak penah bibik lama cerita yg adik mengadu x ada orang jaga adik, x ada orang sayang adik.. memang kesian nak tinggalkan derang tapi what choice do we have.

I really trust my elder sister can take care of my kids, better than me i think, she single handedly managed her kids of 4 without any maid,  her kids are also obidient too. I think she is such an extraordinary person cos she really loves to help people, anybody especially her siblings, she is vocal and has lots of ideas, definitely someone to talk to if you're in trouble. I call ksal and apparently both of my kids are doing fine at her home. Fahmi cried at first but eventually he's ok. We had less to worry then.

So we are now back in the hospital, hope iman okay for this last cycle.


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