The chemo side effect is showing

In SJMC, iman is 3rd patient undergoing this protocol..  the other 2 had succeeded,, hopefully the same goes to iman.. insyaallah..

1st day of the kemo is the worse, iman's face turns redish,, he feel dizzy, he vomits and worse he dont have any appetite,, not even for a plain water, luckily the drip is on,,  2nd and 3rd day not so bad, but i notice iman complained of headache and he sleeps all the time..

Iman started having fever on and off during the 1st day of chemo, highest at 39 dgree..the fever subsided after taking PCM... According to doctor it is normal for patient to get fever due to chemo drug.. it happen to the other 2 patients..

due to the fever doctor requetsed for blood culture, the blood culture is used to detremine type of bacteria / virus in the blood as to allow appropriate antibiotic is determine to treat the fever,, after 3 dys the test shows no growth in the blood,,, syukur Alhamdulillah..  but the doctor dont want to take any chance so there goes antibiotic.. luckily it all goes via line in his chest, at least he wont feel so much pain.

We have to wake him up at least every 2 hrs to make him pass urine, iman refused to put the diaper on cos it make him uncomforatble and automatically he cant pass urine,, he must sheshe as frequent as possible cos he must let go any chemical inside his body or else it will have side effect on him

He looks really tired, he cant even hold his fav game,, he asked me to massage his body esp his hands, legs and head.. my tears running as i hold his hand, he's too skinny,, i tried to hold the tears it but it just unstopable.. hope he didnt see it cos i want him to be strong.. we also limit ourself from kissing him cos afraid of any backteria transfer,, but how not to kiss ur son.. ur sick son.. it's just so hard.. ya allah give strength to me and my hubby..

Today is the 4th day he didnt take any food or liquid,, we tried to force him,, we show some pictures of his fav food but it seems he just dont have any feelings on food rite now,, but if this continues, doctors will prescribe some nutrient to be inserted to his cateter,i think better that way rite..

as for the donor, now we have 3 A+ and 3 0+,, we need another 3A+ cos the doctor prefer the same blood type and reserve the 0 donor for emergency only, so i'm really pleading for male donor with A+ blood to come fwd to help my son

i just cant take any picture of iman now,, i will upload picture of him after he recover,, do continue praying for iman okay... gtg
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Please donate platelet to my son

Surprisingly my husband cannot donate to his own son cos his vein is too small.. he seems upset cos he's unable to help his own son in this critical condition .. he's hoping he could be the 1st one to donate the platelet.. i said to him there could be positive things out of this, anything happen with a reason.. we just wait and see things happen..

As for now, we have none in our donor list,, i cant imagine what can happen to iman w/out the platelet,,, we call our frens to spread the news.. insyaallah, i believe there could be a few who will turn up tomorrow,,

but here i am as a mother to my helpless son ,, I'm pleading to all (esp male, age 18-55), pref not a heavy smoker who stay in KL / Subang area with A+ or O+ blood type to come forward to do screening at SJMC tomorrow (8.30 to 12.30) / monday (8.30 to 5.30)

Pls Pls Pls, i really need your help cos my son Iman really need the platelet by mid / end of next week..
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Iman calling for platelet donation, A+ blood type

Iman's kemo (Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Protocol) starts today (24/02/2011) @ 11.30 am, so far iman sleeps most of the time, and by the time he wakes up he refuse to eat or drink..  he started complaining of headache.. kesian sgt dkt dia

This protocol the doctor said just like dropping bomb at iman's body cos iman will receive mutiple kemo medicine at the same time for 3 consecutive days and his immune system will eventually become zero,, then the stem cell harvested earlier (in Dec) will be used as rescuer.. the stem cell will stimulate the development of cell in iman's body. Unlike normal kemo which normally will be given in stages and normally takes around 1-2 years to complete, this protocol only takes around 4 mths i.e. 4 cycles and chances of cancer coming back is lower @ 20%..

However the side effect is much higher cos the chemo dose given is higher,, tho the cell will rebuild via stem cell, it will take some times.. it is expected that iman will receive several platelet donation during 2nd and 3rd week of each cycle.

Doctor already requested us to find at least 6 donors, so far we manage to find 3 including my hubby,, really hope if someone out there with A+ blood type (pref male - cos male blood vein is larger than female), age 18-55, non smoker and live in KL area to do screening @ SDMC,, do contact me @ fiza2012@gmail.com. to arrange for the screening test..

We need to have the list of donors ready by end of the week so that as and when iman's platelet drops to a risky level, the blood bank will call the donor to donate the platelet.. unlike normal blood, platelet only can last 5 days..

Pls pls come to SJMC by end of the week cos iman will require the platelet around end of next weeks

Do pray for iman kay, gtg now
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Chemo treatment kicking up

Shocking news, turn out the recent follow up checking is the day iman need to be warded. He needs to go for the chemo within this week. The blood test shows remarkable result thus the doctor dont want to postpone the next phase The 6 weeks break after the RT is yet to complete. He just half way thru, he dont even get his orginal weight but the doctor said iman more than ready.. so we just follow with the doctor's plan..

We didn't plan for the admission cos we thot it was only a normal check up, so we ask for house rest to settle everything,, it's really hard to leave the other 2 kids.. of cos i'm worried about their food (fahmi is still breatfeed), their safety and all.. but we need to prioritize, iman need us more than the other 2.. my tears running heavily as i leave the house.. it so hard,, luckily adik really understanding, adik said x apa iman kena sihat tau, kena makan byk.. well what can i say he really love his brother.. i'm so lucky to have him

fahmi may need to adapt a little cos normally at nite he will be fully breastfeed,, i hope he's accepting this easily,, i love both of u okay,, i'm so sorry but this is the only way..

Iman need to go for several test to determine the base line to enable them monitor the changes b4 and after chemo and the dosage of the chemo medicine, result from the ecocardiogram, ecg and hearing test came out to be positif.. Alhamdulillah

iman teasing us during ecg,, tho still in pain after minor surgery

Pls pray the chemo treatment goes well and hope not much side effect on iman..
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buzzy dizzy weeks

been very busy for the past couple of weeks, arhghhh... luckily they all sleeps early tonite (including my hubby ;-) so i can godek my blog.. hehe

Iman continue to loose his appetite,, so i'm making sure he needs to be feed up almost every hour so most of the time i'm in the kitchen cooking what he likes to eat, his food need to be healthily cook of which include freshly cook food,, there are few food guideline for patient under treatment as advised by Iman's dietician (talk about this later)..

From western to local,, hehe.. i'm still learning to cook,, thanks to my dear fren hazie who consistently suggesting me cooking blogs and recipes..

baked potato with creamy mushroom sos

vanila muffin w creamy vanila..
nasi lemak, ayam madu,, pancake, muffin, all kind of food that he loves, as long as he wants to eat it, i try to cook for him.. though tiring at least i'm satisfied when people say iman has gain weight.. really? I’m not really sure cos i'm seeing him every day / hour.. anyway he look healthy,, sorry dont have his latest close up picture,,

 at Tasik Perdana 14/02/2011

secondly my youngest baby is having fever (as high as 40 dgree last nite),, he's still on antibiotic, he refuses to bottle fed.. most of the time asyik bergantung aje..  Hope fahmi will recover soon and most importantly x jangkit kat abang2 dia yg lain

Demam baru dapat kaki agaknya kan

3rdly been busy with adik and fahmi join birthday celeb (since their birthday falls in Feb)..  it's basicly a small party we celebrated at my hometown (banting).. initially i bake a small cake for them.. tapi x jadi plak kek tuh,, hangus.. sedih sgt.. end up we all beli je kat kedai.. sorry lar adik ye,, ibu kena enhance my baking skill nih..
carot cheese cake for adik (faris) & Fahmi

Anyway, happy birthday adik and fahmi – jadi anak2 yg soleh ye dan jgn notti2 ka

We've been to Melaka also, initially we aiming penang but we afraid iman will not be strong enough to go for the long journey,, this holiday actually to boost up iman's spirit so that he will be a lot more stronger for the 2nd treatment i.e. the chemo.. 

Macam mana pun Iman really happy spending time at Melaka (we stayed at Avillion Legacy Hotel), riding the duck tours, visit croc farm, viewing melaka city via revolving tower etc, w/out my maid its really hectic but what far more important my kids enjoy the holiday

Lastly busy training my new maid from kemboja but sadly she only with us for 3 days,, she could not handle kids and my 2nd son (adik) inform me that the maid try to hit him (that was after we send her back), mother instict normally correct kan..

When i saw her the 1st time, i knew she could not manage my kid, her appearance with dye hair and nail polish,,, but that's still acceptable to me but the no-caring attitude is way to much,, so after 3 days we decided to send her back,,

For me managing the house chores are bonus is ur maid can handle it,, cos me alone wont be able to handle kids and house at the same time.. but what important to me is the maid can take care of the kids with love of course..

Well taking maid is major risk u have to take, but i am so lucky my bibik now (who has been with us for 6 years)  is so caring and loving and patience.. unfortunately she's leaving (for good this time) but we still persuade her to come back after she settle her matter at Indonesia.. really praying hard for this to happen

I'm gonna end my celoteh now, I'm praying weeks to come are smoother and easier to the whole family.. Amin

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Iman Faris @ adik 'supervisor' di rumah

Since i'm a mother of 3 imans, arini nak cerita sikit psl anak saya yg kedua, Iman Faris aka Adik who will turn 4 this middle of february.. Faris bermaksud si penunggang kuda, our understanding pemimpin lar kot kan.. correct me if i'm wrong

adik nih cuma beza 1 tahun 3 bulan dari Iman.. they are really close sbb umur x jauh beza.. mcm kembar x seiras,, walaupun close iman dan adik selalu gaduh... x penah nak share barang,, apa yang abang ada mesti adik kena ada jugak.. erm adik2,  Iman selalu akan beralah, ye lar nama pun abang iman kan..

This picture was taken when adik was 3 mths, dia demam teruk and later being admitted to tawakal.. kesian sbb at least once a month kena masuk spital sbb pneumonia, bronkitis, demam etc.. biasalar kan bebudak

Look how naughty he is now... he's really chicky,, this picture was taken on oct 2010

Nak cerita sikit psl adik nik .. dia memang byk mulut, keletah and really can mix around very well.. his spontaneous acts really make us laugh.. hehe.. sgt2 aktif dan keaktifannya makin menjadi2 esp bila tiba waktu nak tido.. dia akan melompat.. lari kehulur kehilir,, menyanyi,, i wonder ikut peel sapakah itu..

Adik nih walau dah ada adik still nak kitorang panggil nama adik jugak, lagi pun we all dah terbiasa panggil dia adik,, so jalan je lar

Adik nih rajin tolong we all.. x kesah lar masa kat dapur ke (his duty is to potong2 sayur selalunya), kat mana2 je, memang rajin.. kalau mintak tolong ambik kan barang ke tolong buang sampah ke,, laju je tangan dia.. Alhamdulillah ibu ngan ayah dapat anak yang rajin.. kalau boleh biarlar sampai besar senang sikit kan..

Bila lepas buat semak bersama adik beradik yg lain dia akan jadi supervisor utk arah dorang wat keje dan kemas semua.. Adik dia pun kena (macam lar si fahmi tu faham adik oiiii),,,rasa dah mcm supervisor yang tidak bergaji.. mulut dia pot pet2.. nak jadik lawyer ke apa agaknyya anak ku ini.. end up dia kemas sendiri (kalau bibik x tolong kemas lar) sambil mulut dia pot pet macam bertih jagung

He has his own opinion on how he handle things contohnya masa main toys dia dictate bila org lain get the turns to play,, so mcm iman biasanya akan layan je adik dia nih....and yg penting he wants people to follow what he think or want.. otherwise dia akan mengamuk sakan dgn mata yang berair (tahan nangis lar tuh) 

Adik sangat kelakar,, apa yang keluar dari mulut dia sgt lar menggelikan hati we all nih... 'kalau ibu buat muka momok, adik x nak lar tido ngan ibu'..sebenarnya dia takut tuh.. hehe. 
atau 'ishhh  ibu nih selalu marah2, adik buat salah apa..sedangkan dia baru je lepas gigit adik dia... hangin je badan mak ni ai,,, huh'

Tapi adik nih sangat garang,, yang nih susah sikit nak control,, tak tahu macam mana gaya nak layan adik bila dia mengamuk,, buat lembut salah,, buat garang balik pun x kena... masih lagi carik the best way mcm mana kalau dia mengamuk nih.. pening jugak kepala memikirkannya..

But what i really proud of him is that he really adapting very well to the changes of surrounding esp after what happen to iman,, for instance he understand that we are not gonna be with him always as we need to accompany iman at hospital.. he really can accept it..  Seriously he really loves his brother, when iman was in Tawakal, i heard him praying most of the nite before he sleep so that he can continue playing with iman macam dulu2..  walau dgn fatihah x lancar, he continues with his doa..

In fact he requested us to shave his head just like iman,,, we didnt force him, he did it voluntarily.. end up we send adik and fahmi to barber to shave their head.. lega,, senang sikit.. x yah nak shampoo2 kan..

Ibu dan ayah nak adik jadi org yang berguna di dunia dan di akhirat, yang akan tolong ibu dan ayah nanti.. yang akan sentiasa tolong menolong dengan adik beradik yang lain.. jangan garang2 sangat ye.. hehe... really love u adik..

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Selesai sudah treatment RT Iman

Iman completed his RT treatment today 02/02/2011, after 6 weeks of treatment (to be exact 31 times) with 3 phases of RT.. All involving his overall head and spinal cord.. Alhamdulillah he still active like always but a bit skinny, cos he lost few kilos due to this treatment.. definitely due to poor of appetite.. this is his picture after 25th days of RT,,

Radiation Theraphy (RT) - what doctor explain, it just like x-ray but with higher dose which precisely aims at the treated area, normally takes 10 - 15 minutes to complete, 5 days of treatment per week.. Before the actual RT, iman's MRI result is used to determine the extensive of the RT.. the RT people will do the planning including measuring iman's body, his head mask, marking and etc to ensure the accurate areas are properly targeted. The planning tooks 1 1/2 hours, biasala iman cry all the way but without sedation he manage to do the planning within a day,, thanks to the choclate given by Mr Choo..

Anyway, from my observation there were few side effects from this treatment of which includes falling hair and skin darkening of the irridiated area..

Some of the side effects are temporary such as vomitting and nausea (iman vomits at least once a day), acdg to the radiologist it will gone once the treatment is over. He develop late side effect such as falling hair (iman's hair started to fall by 3rd week of RT).. There could be permanent damage such as growth disorder (he may not be as tall as he should be) or hearing problem,,, but i really pray that it wont happen to iman.. pls pray for iman also okay..

I've listing down here the do's and don't during RT session which could be usefull to anyone whose going to undergo RT treatment  (this is actually from the RT staff and booklet available at the RT centre)..

a) use lukewarm water and avoid any soap at the treated area
b) avoid rubbing / scratching (Iman sgt2 suka menggaru kepala dia,, gatal sgt agaknya, gatal agaknya,, susah jgk nak elak dari dia menggaru kan...)
c) No powder / lotion / baby oil - if the skin really dry pls request special cream prescribe by the radiologist only
d) avoid sun exposure - the treated area become darker than the normal skin.. so dont make it worse by exposing urself to sun
e) eat high protein and high calories diet (Iman eat every 2 hours, h/ever the portion is smaller than normal), Iman loves egg so much which high in protein and calories as well, so as much as possible i include egg in any of his menu,,

according to doctor if iman eat well, he can tolerate with the side effects better.. the 5th and 6th weeks were the worse as iman really lose his appetite, thus his blood count really bad at that time,, but we gave him multivitamin with lysin to boost his appetite,so by the end of 6 weeks he gain weight (around 500 gm) though sikit, but most importantly his blood count back to nomal, hooray...

Now after the RT completed,,  iman must eat everytime (at least to get back his weight),, i'm taking care of iman full time so no excuse lar kan.. lagipun he must gain weight to prepare for his next treatment i.e. 4 cycles of chemo plak.. so pasni byk lar blog2 resipi yg akan i terjah.. wish me luck.. yang plg ptg doakan iman sihat dan dipermudahkan semuanya.. Amin..

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