Chemo treatment kicking up

Shocking news, turn out the recent follow up checking is the day iman need to be warded. He needs to go for the chemo within this week. The blood test shows remarkable result thus the doctor dont want to postpone the next phase The 6 weeks break after the RT is yet to complete. He just half way thru, he dont even get his orginal weight but the doctor said iman more than ready.. so we just follow with the doctor's plan..

We didn't plan for the admission cos we thot it was only a normal check up, so we ask for house rest to settle everything,, it's really hard to leave the other 2 kids.. of cos i'm worried about their food (fahmi is still breatfeed), their safety and all.. but we need to prioritize, iman need us more than the other 2.. my tears running heavily as i leave the house.. it so hard,, luckily adik really understanding, adik said x apa iman kena sihat tau, kena makan byk.. well what can i say he really love his brother.. i'm so lucky to have him

fahmi may need to adapt a little cos normally at nite he will be fully breastfeed,, i hope he's accepting this easily,, i love both of u okay,, i'm so sorry but this is the only way..

Iman need to go for several test to determine the base line to enable them monitor the changes b4 and after chemo and the dosage of the chemo medicine, result from the ecocardiogram, ecg and hearing test came out to be positif.. Alhamdulillah

iman teasing us during ecg,, tho still in pain after minor surgery

Pls pray the chemo treatment goes well and hope not much side effect on iman..


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