Please donate platelet to my son

Surprisingly my husband cannot donate to his own son cos his vein is too small.. he seems upset cos he's unable to help his own son in this critical condition .. he's hoping he could be the 1st one to donate the platelet.. i said to him there could be positive things out of this, anything happen with a reason.. we just wait and see things happen..

As for now, we have none in our donor list,, i cant imagine what can happen to iman w/out the platelet,,, we call our frens to spread the news.. insyaallah, i believe there could be a few who will turn up tomorrow,,

but here i am as a mother to my helpless son ,, I'm pleading to all (esp male, age 18-55), pref not a heavy smoker who stay in KL / Subang area with A+ or O+ blood type to come forward to do screening at SJMC tomorrow (8.30 to 12.30) / monday (8.30 to 5.30)

Pls Pls Pls, i really need your help cos my son Iman really need the platelet by mid / end of next week..


amiey lee berkata...

alhamdulillah..semoga iman cepat sembuh..kami akan doakan yg terbaik...

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