kemo treatment postponed

Supposed 3rd trasnplant was on 2nd june, but they have to postpone it cos iman's white blood cell was low.  0.1.. too low

the doctor injected him with niprogen to boost his immune.. he cried so loud since he didnt expect that at all.. we also thought his immune already back to normal.. the other nite we bring him to pasar malam.. adush.. luckily he's okay..

as always after each injection he kicked and pinched us..i tried to calm him down but it didnt work.. he get angrier after we tried to console him,, i tried to stay away from him but he chased me.. Adoi lar iman.. another 5 injections to go.. we did asked the doctor to give lower dose but the doctor dont want to take any chances, next week iman shld go for the 3rd transplant! cant postponed any longer..

so during this 1 week rest, i get the opportunity to monitor the contractor who did some renovation of my toilet..


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