MRI experience

Semalam iman ada MRI, this is his 5th. Biasa 4-5 hrs before the procedure, memang dia kena berpuasa,, since dia ada hearing test, eco and ecg prior to mri so the whole day his schedule was really occupied, he was not so cranky not being able to eat..

This time iman refused to take sedative, so we thought why not we try without it, lagipun the perious mri, sedatives given wasnt really work on him,, he couldnt sleep during the whole proces.

Definitely he was uncomfortable of being alone inside the hole altho i was sitting besides him,  with that loud noise he become so scared, but still he didnt scream,, but i could see clearly his tears running.. i'm so lucky, he is such a strong boy,, he had the courage to be in that machine,  the machine which can identify the state of his brain and spine.. am i not grateful?? yes indeed i am so lucky to be given this very strong boy in my life, the boy chosen by Allah to have brain cancer.. Seeing him so afraid really breaks my heart cos i cant help him go through that process. I could only holds his legs, just to comfort him but it didnt help that much.

Through out the procedure, my heart keep pounding quickly anxious to know the outcome of the mri, Alhamdulillah everything seems ok, but we still need to wait for the actual result this monday of which he needs to be warded for his final cycle. Hope, really hope he wont feel so much pain for this last cycle.


June Shukor berkata...

fiza, hope everything goes well. Iman, moga cepat sembuh ya sayang...

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