2 weeks observation

The protocol will takes around 4 mths to complete. Each cycle will at least require 3 wks stay in the hospital. 3days for chemo, subsequnetly salvage with stem cell (1 day) and remaining (around 2 wks) for observation..

Now iman is still under observation.. his red blood count, white cell and platelet are dropping drastically,, the doctor says it normal cos effect of the high dose chemo, so iman will received several blood infusion including the platelet from the donors list.. so far he had received 1 bag of red blood,, and scheduled for platelet infusion tomorrow.. thanks to all dear donors who willing to come and donate their platelet for iman..

For the white cells, iman receive 1 jab of imune booster called niprogen (hope the spelling is corrent) once a day,, tho the nurses put some cream to numb the injection area, he still upset after each shot and started to throw things,, the merajuk will continues for few hours,, adush.. and for me i'll quietly sit the furthers part in the room until he cools down..

The doctor advise not have any visitors cos his imune system is low and he can easily get infection from others, we are using face mask, washing our hand regularly to avoid any infection.. sometimes iman asked us to bring his brothers to visit him cos he said he miss them really bad,, so my husband on and off will bring his brothers to the hospital but they will stay outside the room and start talking to each other at a very long distance.. i could see iman looks so depressed cos he is unable to play with his brothers,, being isolated in the room.. the hardest part is when it come time to say good bye.. i could see his eye become watery.. i know he want to kiss his brothers, to hug them,, but he cant do it as for now.. pls pls iman keep it together.. be strong okay..

my 3 musketeers at Desa Waterpark

As for the appetite, it is picking up, 2-days ago he wanted to eat pizza, he eat almost 3 slices which is good acdg to the dietician cos pizza has lots of calories,, the dietician also made strawberry smoothies with icecream on top on daily basis for iman.. he drinks 1/3 and definitely i'm not gonna waste it rite, it really delicious and there goes few kilos on my belly.. aiyakkk..

i'll update the latest status soon,,


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