stem cell infusion

today is a very big day for iman.. stem cell infusion was done at 10 this morning,, takes 30 minutes to fully infused,, during the infusion he was awake and i can see he's uncomfortable with the whole things.. the machine, the red colored stem cell.. this is the first he watch the whole process.. he slepts during the 1st cycle.. a bit of a shocker cos there are so many strangers in the rooms for this procedure.. yeah.. he's a shy person.. he's uncomfortable with new people around..

But he eventually sleeps due to medicine inserted prior to stem cell..  or because he didnt sleep well last nite, or last 2 nites.. dont know y, not because of the medicine,, doctor said probably cause he thinks a lot, initially we couldnt believe it cos he just a kid,, what he probably think of would be playing 24/7,,
but when we asked him, he said yes,, i think about adik.. sian my little baby.. he miss his brothers.. and that's the only thing he have in mind now.. he wanna go home..

so days ahead are really important.. his wbc, haemoglobin and platelet will be monitored closely..

iman will remind me to pray for him.. ibu arini kita belum doa sama-sama lagi,,,
so my prayers :

Bismillahirrahmannirrahim, we recite al fatihah,, then Ya Allah Ya tuhan ku, Kau maha pengasih dan maha penyayang,, sembuhkan lar penyakit muhammad iman farihin utk selama-lamanya ya Allah, kurangkanlah kesakitan yang akan dialaminya ya Allah, kuranganlah kesan dari rawatan ini ya Allah.. kasihanilah hambamu ini ya Allah.. amin ya rabbal a'lamin


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