End of Cycle 1

Tomorrow iman will be discharged Alhamdulillah exactly after 2 weeks of observation.. he’ll have 1 week break before heading for the next cycle. Sorry i haven’t got the chance to update new n3 during the 2 wks observation.  The past 2 wks were really hard cos my 2 other kids were also unwell,, so my husband and i will take turn to go back and look after them..  plus during those 2 wks, iman needed xtra attention..  

On daily basis they took iman’s blood to test and monitor 3 important things i.e. haemoglobin, platelet and white blood cell (the immune system)..  his wbc turn 0 on 4/3,,  it is  normal due to the chemo,, it will be only worrying, if it doesn’t go down...

Side effect,,, He sleeps 3-4 hours straight during the day which is unusual for him, he didn’t eat much (thanks to protein inserted direct to him) at least can maintain his body weight.. his body aching, he had headache.. he pee every 2 hours.. he had a mood swing.. it really really tested my patience.. arghhh.. may allah give us strengths..
He requires platelet infusion few times in a weeks.. received antibiotic, anti-fungus and antiviral,, all on daily basis.. Iman shivers most of the time after insertion of anti-fungus.. fever is up and down.. he had fever at least once a day.
1st wk of observation,, he looks pale

Now after the 2 weeks the doctor is really impress with iman’s progress.. normally patient’s immune system (white blood cell) only recovers after day 11 onwards but for iman, his white blood cell (wbc) engrafted at day 9,, and it recovers really fast from 0.2 (8/3) to 1.1 the next day (9/3) and today (13/1) his wbc at 10.6,, (wbc for normal people is an average of 4.0 – 11.0). Tho the platelet is still not within the normal range, doctor expect it will take couple of days before it back to normal..

These few days he started working on his work books,, he concentrated  on the book and wanted us to draw star after each pages he did correctly.. what makes us proud he manage to  complete his math book, abc etc tho on and off he had to lay down cos he said he's feeling tired and want to rest before continuing with his work,,  he really strong and determine.. i've learnt so much from him.. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for giving me such a great boy in my life..  

dont disturb me, i'm focussing now

yay yay, i got a star!!!!

Iman may need to come back early if virus checks on his blood came back positive, the result will only available this friday.. hope it's -ve.. The previous checking came out positive, so doctor has prescribed him anti viral insertion thrice a day,, if the coming check up shows +ve result, he needs to be inserted with the anti viral before the next cycle started as a precaution..so really hope for a good news..


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