Parents support group

When dealing with cancer, it is really important we mingle around with people who are also facing same diseases. We can share our experiences, our thought. Real life information compared to information available from google. In chemo day care SDMC for instance is a great place to meet people with the cancer related ailment. How the diseases started, what treatment they are currently on. Somehow it can reduce our anxiety and be prepared with the side effect of the chemo treatment either temporarily / permanent. At least we know that we are not alone fighting.

The other day, SDMC arrange parents support group and invited few parents with various types of cancer from leukimia to other solid tumour.  I joined cos i want to share my feelings.  I cried when i heard their side of stories. Everybody have their tough time.

There were breakdown moments, one of the parent admitted that she almost commit suicide, cos she cant bare the fact that his son is having cancer, but eventually she came to her senses that she needs to be strong for her son.

We shares knowledge on how it started, what challenges we faced. Each chemo med has its own side effect, extreme side up to having diabetes and have to be dependant on insulin, having LP is like taking normal jab.. it's really tough..

Among the particpants includes 2 parents whose childs already completed the course of treatment. They brought their childs along. They look perfectly healthy and brilliant too.. Exactly like iman, except that iman is skinny now.. They said that it is really essential that we, as a parent to be strong for our kids, ignore all negative thoughts and focus on the kids, to support them, be with them. I seriously want to be like them, to be strong,, may Allah give strength to me to face this challenge.

They said once it all over, when they look back on what they had gone through, they smile cos they survive the hard time and every moment was a very sweet memory. Turning bad experience into sweet memory would be very challenging. I will and i must make this journey as sweet as possible, insyaallah.

2 hrs sessions seems not enough. We ended the session by sharing our positive thought so it can boost everyones' spirit. hope they can organise such program soon.


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