Thanks to all

Alhamdulillah, rezeki iman.. within 4 days (since fri - today) we manage to get 6 donors A+ and 3 donors O+,, To all donors i really appreciate ur kindness and i know i'm gonna be indebtedness thru-out my entire life for all ur help

Thousand thanks to all who spread the news and to those who come and did the screening,
Was informed by the bloodbank that there are alot of potential donor who turn up for screening... i myself received several calls asking about the platelet donation,, to my surprise the contacts were given by people i didnt know, it proves how much people really cares bout Iman tho they didnt even know him or know my family personally.. It really touch my heart.. My son shld be thankfull cos there are so many people love him

Again, i'm on behalf of all my family want to express my greatest gratitute to all generous people out there and may Allah repay ur kindness in any way, Amin


khairul abdullah berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.
khairul abdullah berkata...

Alhamdulillah..gembira mendengar berita ini.

Terima kasih juga kepada MAMA YATIE yang sudi mewar-warkan berita ini kepada umum.

Sila lihat link di bawah:-

Tanpa Nama berkata...

terima kasih pada semua, donor akan dipanggil utk menderma dlm esok / jumaat.. as for now iman's platelet is dropping, darah merah pn turun, smlm dan infuse 1 bag of blood

Sara berkata...

Salam Fiza.. I'm wife to Tadza (member Takrimi kat UUM & maybank). Betul2 sebak bila baca keadaan Iman sekarang. Semoga u all sekeluarga akan terus tabah menghadapi dugaan ni. Dan semoga Iman akan cpt sembuh. BTW, if possible i nak minta ur email address..

Mother of 3 Imans berkata...

Salam Sara, doakan yg terbaik utk iman ye
my email rerajin lar contact kay

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